Cost, Registration, culture of economics

One of the goals of localizing the economy is also to change the culture of "economics." 

  • Where do we place the most value?  - on giving? or receiving?
  • Where do we turn for assistance? - to our community? to our bank account?
  • What is the state of our commonwealth? - is it strong? is it deteriorating?

In the spirit of transparency, we will clearly describe the breakdown of costs for this event. This is a No-Barrier, Pay-What-You-Can conference. We seek to receive an average of $188 per person for the two-day gathering. (At full cost, the event would be over $300 per person (or >$150 per day)). We have the benefit of grant funding, covering a portion of the event costs, but expect to make up the difference with registration sales. Our primary costs for the event include five locally-sourced meals, overnight accommodations, paying for some presenters and travel expenses, and promotional expenses. In addition, everyone who attends will receive a copy of the book, “Surviving the Future” by David Fleming ($20 value). When registering, please consider your gift consciously (not just monetarily), as this act can help to shift awareness.